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Training and Workshops

Our Workshops

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Our successful, focused and “Taylor Made” workshops are aimed at helping our clients reach their goals in the shortest possible time. First we work with our clients to understand the dynamics of their success. Then we “Taylor Make” a workshop(s) to focus on key areas that will achieve a maximum success for the group. Then and only then can the type of results our clients expect be achieved. But that’s only the beginning of what makes us different!


  "Noisy and Busy"

One thing that differentiates our workshops for other is that they are "noisy and busy". We know that adults are tough to teach, so in our workshops and seminars, we engage through your Taylor Made materials that are relevant and specific to your goals.

  Learning Design Emphasizes Group Interaction

Our “learning design” focus emphasizes group interaction. Much of what people need to know, the 'working intelligence' that gets the job done, is many times already in the room at a workshop. But when we facilitate our workshops, we keep the 'talking head' in the closet and instead, facilitate significant interaction around cases and problems that help to grow the people in the room.

  Group Interaction

Have a look at ourlist of workshops. Then take a moment to review the overviews of each. These workshops enhance Leadership and Resilience.

  Blended Learning

In many cases the benefits of workshops can be extended with blended learning. That can be e-learning like our Online Coaching Clinics, our e-courses or our Executive Coaching for individuals who need that special attention and support. With blended learning you can employ shorter workshops since some of the content can be delivered in the electronic portion. The practical benefit can be a half day workshop instead of a full day or just one day instead of two.

We've trained professionals and executives on topics as leadership, work life balance, business development, change management, communication, career development and conflict management. But the one thing that remains common is that training almost always is about starting, cultivating and improving!
That’s why our training is “Taylor Made” for your organization.