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Client Testimonials

The evidence is in the testimonials!

I literally have dozens of testimonials that I would love to share that I have been honoured to receive over my more than thirty years in business. But in the interest of focus, I would like to share this is one in particular that I am particularly proud of!

“As a successful businessman, father and amateur athlete, I have a reasonable grasp of concept of goal setting, but have struggled to turn my objectives into consistent successes. Through regular coaching and your support, you have helped me achieve so much — including returning to school part-time to do my Masters in finance, becoming healthier in my lifestyle and beginning my training to swim across Lake Ontario and raise funds to help a children’s charity across Canada. I’m better now at focusing on the actions required to keep me achieving my goals and couldn’t have done it without your help! ”

— Stephan Boyd, Whitby, Ontario

“As a medium sized start-up business owner, I started my company only a year ago, had have been struggling to meet my sales goals. When I met Alastair recently, his advise became invaluable for me in determining how I was going to start growing my business. He has the unique ability to see things that I never considered about my business and has helped me focus on a plan to achieve success in these areas. I only wish I had met him a year ago! I know I would have been even more successful than I have been, with his coaching support!”

— Angela Chiodo, Shakti Connection Yoga, Whitby, Ontario

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