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About Us

The Team

Alastair Taylor, the Coach

The Coach — Alastair Taylor

Alastair Taylor is a successful serial entrepreneur, having started, run and sold businesses in the direct marketing, advertising, sales promotion, publishing and online media segments. He has experience in a full spectrum of management and operational roles, including promotions, public relations, sports and sponsorship marketing, product development, website/online strategies and a full range of print and broadcast media.

Alastair is an industry recognised personal coach and trainer in business development and social media. For the past 19 years, Alastair has also served as a part-time Professor in the School of Communications Arts and the faculty of Continuing Education at Seneca College in Toronto.

Jermone Shore, the Trainer

The Trainer — Jerome Shore

Jerome Shore is the Managing Partner of The Coaching Clinic. Jerome founded The Coaching Clinic in 1992 following a first career in executive management of advertising agencies. The Coaching Clinic's mission is to help individuals and organizations survive and thrive in the modern workplace.

Jerome has been involved in the development of all the programs in The Coaching Clinic and delivers workshops such as Marketing Your Professional Service, Getting Stress Hardy, Managing Yourself During Change, Leadership and Coaching Skills for Managers.

As an Executive Coach Jerome primarily works with clients around Business Development and Leadership Strategy.